Westone W30

Giá bán : 9,000,000   đ
Thời gian bảo hành : 24 Tháng

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Westone’s W30 earphones are known across the industry for an unmatched sound signature and the three balanced armature drivers that create a smooth and balanced sound across all frequencies. Specifically designed for the audiophile, this model utilizes a three way crossover for an enhanced listening experience.

W30 earphones faceplates
3-button control Westone W30
Monitor Vault comes with W30 Westone Earphones

Why buy the W30 earphones? The W30 earphones have three balanced armature drivers paired with a three way crossover network. This advanced in-ear audio technology provides listeners with a state of the art listening experience.

What makes the W30 different? The W30 model stands out in the earphone industry for its unmatched quality, comfort, and sound profile. The sound difference is evident once the earphones are in the ear and the music is playing. Clear highs, full mids, and a rich bass combine to create a sound that isn’t congested and provides unparalleled balance.

How do the W30s fit? Westone’s True-Fit technology provides users with the ability to customize the earphone’s fit to meet their individual needs. Five pairs of STAR silicone sleeves and five pairs of True-Tip foam tips allow users to choose the type and size of tip that is best for their ear anatomy. The low profile fit rests in the ear and is comfortable for extended wear.

Is the W30 Ideal for an active lifestyle? The W30 is also an excellent choice for users with an active lifestyle. The comfort and fit are made even better by a lightweight, low-profile design that makes on-the-go listening both comfortable and simple.

What is included in the purchase? Included with a W30 is the orange Westone Monitor vault for safe storage and a cleaning tool designed to keep the earphones in perfect working order. Two cables come with the purchase of the earphones, an EPIC G2 cable and an MFi cable with Apple controls. The EPIC G2 cable is made of flexible tensile wire and is braided for increased durability. The Apple MFi cable is ideal for listening on an iPhone because of its three button control system that allows users to play, pause, control the volume, and take phone calls.

Is the purchase guaranteed? Earphone Solutions ensures Westone will honor the two year manufacturer’s warranty designed to protect a customer’s investment in the W30 earphones.

Thông tin sản phẩm

SENSITIVITY:                                             107 dB SPL @ 1 mW
FREQUENCY RESPONSE:                       20 Hz - 18 kHz
IMPEDANCE:                                              30 ohms @ 1 kHz
DRIVER:                                                        3 balanced armature drivers with a 3-way crossover.
WEIGHT:                                                       0.445 ounces/12.7grams
CABLE:                                                           EPIC Replaceable cable and MFI G2 cable
CABLE LENGTH:                                         50" / 128 cm

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