Westone W40

Giá bán : 12,000,000   đ
Thời gian bảo hành : 24 Tháng

Tổng quan

The much anticipated release of the W40 is here! Audiophiles across the globe have been waiting not-so-patiently to discover the promise of the Westone W40; a big sound, incredibly clear mids and highs, and a deep rich bass perfect for all types of listening.

Westone has outdone themselves with this release and the sound quality is matched only by the technical specifications of these earphones. Listeners won’t be disappointed in the W40, its sound quality, or the construction that sets Westone apart from its competitors.

W40 earphones faceplates
3-button control Westone W40
Monitor Vault comes with W40 Westone Earphones

The W40 offers its users:

  • Four Balanced Drivers The W40 earphones offer users incredible in-ear audio technology thanks to the balanced armature drivers and the three way crossover network. Users will appreciate the increased acoustic clarity and frequency range found in the balanced driver design.
  • True-Fit Technology Each pair of W40 earphones comes with five pairs of True-Fit foam tips and five sets of STAR silicone sleeves to ensure a customized fit. These customizable tips ensure a lightweight, low profile, and personalized earpiece that is incredibly comfortable and allows for long periods of use.
  • Interchangeable Cables W40 purchases include both a round EPIC G2 cable and a MFI cable with a three button Apple control system. The Epic G2 cable is braided for durability and acoustic clarity and is made of a highly flexible tensile wire. The Apple MFi cable allows users to control the volume, play, pause, and take phone calls without touching the phone.
  • Exchangeable Faceplates The W40 comes with three different faceplates that make customization and personalization simple. Users can choose between red, blue, and black faceplates.
  • Essential Accessories Included in the W40 purchase are several accessories that make the earphones even more safe and secure. An orange Westone Monitor Vault and earpiece cleaning tool help maintain your investment over time.
  • Two Year Warranty: Earphone Solutions ensures Westone honors the two year manufacturer’s warranty designed to protect a customer’s investment in the W40 earphones.

Thông tin sản phẩm

SENSITIVITY:                                                  118 dB SPL @ 1 mW
FREQUENCY RESPONSE:                            0 Hz - 18 kHz
IMPEDANCE:                                                   31 ohms @ 1 kHz
DRIVER:                                                            4 balanced armature drivers with a 3-way crossover.
WEIGHT:                                                           0.445 ounces/12.7grams
CABLE:                                                               EPIC Replaceable cable and MFI G2 cable
CABLE LENGTH:                                             50" / 128 cm

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